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The Porsche 930 was the first road-going car to win the Le Mans 24 Hour race in 1991. The model that won the race was developed from 928. The 930 was a replacement for the previous Porsche 964 models. The 930 was based on the Lotus apparatus. It had several firsts for Porsches. It was the first production Porsches that were anytime close to a real race car. It was the first to have an automated transmission in a production sports car and also one of the first hybrid cars. It won its first race in the Americans to follow it were the Atlanta Auto Speedway and the famed Nurburgring 24 Hour race.

The 930 was called the “Flounder” due to its protection and comfort. It had the lowest drag co-efficient of any road-going car at the time.

Before the 930, Porsches were developed by other teams but were not advanced enough to race on the network television series. But the 930 was highly raced worthy and was highly determined to win its first race. The entire 930 team was together in Porsches for the race.

The Flounder was new enough to race on the network series ‘so-called because of the integrated rear suspension.

The 911 was able to prove that it still had plenty of ‘power and still was nimble and comfortable’.

After the 930, the 911 was continued to have improvements. They were able to make the 913 powered 911 racing car more powerful, they made the 917 with an integrated rear suspension, which was able to pass cars going at more than 150 mph.

Then they made the 924 with rear lightweight and all-wheel-drive and it proved to be a successful racing car.


When you run ‘fuel’ the 924 was the only genuine Porsche with a diesel engine and 50 units of it were made.

The fuel system was moved to ensure that there was plenty of space for the extra 30 liters of Diesel.

Porsche was able to make further improvements and they went on to make more drivable 924’s.


The 924S did have a 3-liter engine other than the 924 2 liters and the 924S 4 litres. The 3-liter one did 81 horsepower and the 4 liters did 90.5 horsepower.

The S in the 924S meant that it had specific sound extractors which were similar to what you would see in aircraft.

They had Air-G TS with a conical filter that was specially designed for the 924S.

The 924S cars would make good racers and one of the drivers waste – David Salese.


They had turbo brakes and limited-slip differentials.

column shifters were standard and were easier to operate – ideal for a DSG – Direct Shift Gearbox.

924S The 924S was available from 1989 to 1993 and was succeeded by the 959 which had similar characteristics to the 924S.

early models :

The 924S was manufactured alongside the 928 models and were produced as direct competitors of the Mercedes Benz SL200 Mercedes.

body style front: the 924S was 2.5 inches longer than the 928 and 2.9 inches wider.

body style rear: the 924S was 3 inches longer than the 928 and 3.5 inches wider.

power train

All cars were lubricated by a transaxle-mounted single camshaft.

type 2 5 speed ( assessments of single and dual overhead camshafts )

Buick designed the single overhead camper engine with two overhead cams and one in each bank of cylinders having two valves per cylinder

The fuel system was a setup for competing in the 1973 Le Man’s race using a mixture of fuel containing 91% ethanol and 7 kilos of kerosene.

The counterforce high back mounted battery was mounted under the passenger compartment between the battery and passenger compartment, it was easily accessible and security was never compromised.


The 1989 model was a total of 303, TYPE D AND TEIN type 1 & 2 engines were fitted and the car came with a 5-speed manual transmission over a five-speed automatic transmission.

type 2The 924S was fitted with the type 2 type engine and the car was given the name “Coupe”

type 3The 924R was a 924S with the type 3 type engine The car was given the Lux Luxus XLR facelift in 1991.

auto transmission

The Luxus SX4 was fitted with an all-new, limited-slip type, transfer case, and third generation RX8 type RX7.

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